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2019 County Cross Country Championships on 5th January 2019
at HMPSC Newbold Revel

The next Warwickshire County Cross Country Championships will be held at a venue new to us – Newbold Revel – a venue rich in history.

The Manor of Newbold Revel, originally Fenny Newbold, was acquired by the Revel family around 1235. The house was built in 1716 for Sir Fulwar Skipwith, Bt. and extended in the late 19th century. The estate was privately owned until it passed in 1931 to the Seventh-day Adventists for use as a missionary training college.

It was requisitioned in 1942 for use as an agent training establishment during World War II then after the war it became a Catholic teacher training college. It was sold in 1978 to British Telecom then in 1985 it was taken over by the Prison Service for its current use as the Prison Service College. The house is a Grade II listed building.

Newbold Revel is surrounded by a beautiful and well-wooded park, containing about 100 acres. There are about 10 acres of pleasure grounds and gardens. The Championships also make use or arable land to the South.

You will be able to find everything you need for the Championships in the Competitions pages of this web site.

Officials Level 1 (Photofinish)

A level 1 photofinish course has been arranged for Saturday January 19th at the Coventry Godiva clubhouse. If you are interested in broadening your experience, please sign up on the EA website.

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Views of the landscape at Newbold Revel



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