Warwickshire County Athletics Association
Child Protection Policy

    This policy covers the following activities. A new activity should not be organized until it has been reviewed with Child Protection in mind and this policy amended as appropriate

  • The County Association is responsible for organizing Championships –principally the Cross Country Championships and the Track and Field Championships.
  • The County sends teams to annual Inter County events; an U13/U15 track and field event organized by the host County, a Seniors track and field event organized by the CAU and a cross country event for all ages from U13s to Seniors organized by the CAU. The County occasionally sends a Senior team to the Inter County Fell Championships organized by the FRA.

The policy for the Championships organised by WCAA.

Note that these Championships include events for athletes as young as U11(track) and U13 (field) but older competitors and spectators may be accompanied by children of any age.
The County Association will endeavor to appoint technical officials and volunteers who have been DBS checked. Any volunteer who has not been DBS checked will not be allowed to be in a position to influence a child or vulnerable adult.

The following procedure must be used if a child has been found:

  • Take the lost child to the Registration desk (Volunteer).
  • The Volunteer should immediately notify the Meeting Manager.
  • The Volunteer must ask the child “ – who are you with today?”
  • The Volunteer should then use the event PA system to announce a lost child has been found so could the parent /guardian, please make themselves known at the Registration desk.
  • Before handing over the child the Volunteer must say to the child
    “ – is this your Mum / Dad?”.
    If the child replies yes – the child may be handed over to the parent/guardian.
    If the child replies no – the child must stay with the Volunteer.
    If there is any doubt then child should stay with the Volunteer who should ask the parents/guardian for proof of identity and contact the police for further advice and action. Explain to the parents/guardians that this is following police advice in the best interests of parents/guardians and children.
  • If the parent/guardian cannot be located then the MM and Volunteer should take responsibility of the child until s/he can be given to the Police.
  • If a child has been lost the following procedure must be used:

  • Ensure a means of contacting the parent s later (mobile phone or location).
  • Ensure that the Meeting Manager and the Registration desk are made aware that a child is lost.
  • Announce over the PA that a child has been lost. State that the lost child is a little boy/girl and give a rough description but do NOT announce the name of the child. Ask that if anyone is with the child or can see a lost child then they should please bring him/her to the Registration desk located in (as appropriate).
  • Once the child is found and taken to the Registration desk then the Registration Volunteer should keep the child with them.
  • Notify the parent / guardian that the child has been found.
  • If the child is not found within 30 minutes then the Police should be called to assist.
  • Follow the same process as above to check who the child is with and that they recognise the parent/guardian.
  • Pre requisites of this policy.
    The Meeting Manager and at least one person on the Registration desk must have been DBS checked. All of the officials and volunteers team leaders must be made aware of the policy before the event and reminded of it on the day of the event. All events must have a PA system and a Registration desk.

    The policy for events to which WCAA sends a team.

    An event may specifically include young children but there could also be young children in the company of adults at an event for Seniors.

    The County Association must appoint a Team manager for all matches or events to which it sends a team of young athletes and, ideally, Seniors too. In the case of events for Seniors at which the County Association does not have a Team Manager the team members should all be told that they are responsible for their own care and the care of any companions who accompany them.

    Otherwise; the Team Manager should contact the organization which is hosting the event to ask if it has a Child Protection policy and in particular a Lost Child policy. If not then the County Association should send them its policy with a suggestion that it be adopted by the host.

    The Team Manager(s) should have been DBS checked.

    Before any event the Team Manager should clarify to the parent/guardian or any young athlete selected for the team that the County Association expects them to be responsible for the care of the athlete. The Team Manager cannot be expected to be “loco parentis”.

    The Team Manager should ask for contact details for the responsible person(s) who should be informed in the event that any young competitor is injured or has an accident or is involved in any significant issue. It may be appropriate to also record the details of a person who will remain at home while the athlete is away.

    The Team Manager should inform the adult members of any team selected to represent the County that they, and not the Team Management, are responsible for any youngsters who might accompany them. In particular, the Team Management cannot be expected to be “loco parentis” when an adult athlete is competing.

    Last reviewed August 2015