We’re using the OpenTrack platform to organise a series of Virtual Races.

How to Enter

  • Enter via the links below. Use your EA Number and also select your Club when entering.
  • Run the prescribed distance local to you, on a safe route and maintaining social distancing.
  • Submit your result using links from Strava or Garmin of your activity.
  • The platform will then collate results in a similar (but not identical) way to how normal WRRL results are organised (Club Competitions and Age Categories)
  • Eligibility is EA affiliated athletes. It’s free to enter as the platform is funded via EA membership.

Note: The Virtual Race series will not replace the WRRL 2020 but provides an opportunity for competition whilst we are all unable to race as normal.
Please share any issues/feedback encountered when entering. It’s a fairly new system so there may be some teething issues we need to workaround.

May 2020 – 5K – May 1st to 31st

All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R1
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R1-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R1-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R1-Cat

June 2020 – 5 Miles – June 1st to 30th
All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R2
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R2-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/20-R2-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R2-Cat

July 2020 – 1 Mile – July 1st to 31st
All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R3
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R3-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/20-R3-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R3-Cat

August 2020 – 10K – August 1st to 31st
All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R4
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R4-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R4-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R4-Cat

September 2020 – 2 Miler – September 1st to 30th
All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R5
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R5-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R5-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R5-Cat

October 2020 – 10 Mile – October 1st to 31st


All Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R6
Team Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R6-Team
Top 3s per Age Category :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R6-Top3sCat
All Age Category Results :: https://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-R6-Cat

Overall Series Results: http://bit.ly/vWRRL-20-OVERALL

NB: Overall Series results are best 5 of 6 for Seniors/Open, Best 4 of 6 for Youth (Age Category placings)